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Ants Infestation

General Pests

Most homes are confronted with pests in this category. Ants, Spiders, Springtails, Silverfish, and Earwigs are some of the most frequented guests to residential structures.

Insects can be a major nuisance when they infest homes and surrounding landscapes. They can cause damage to property, contaminate food, and spread disease. Common household pests such as ants and spiders can be particularly troublesome.

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Rodent hole in the wall


Rats cause up to $20 billion in damages alone in the US. Allowing rodent activity to grow near your home may likely result in damaged property. Learning ways to prevent this from happening can save you money.

Controlling rodent activity near and around your home and business is essential for a variety of reasons. Rodents can spread diseases, contaminate food, and cause structural damage to buildings. They can also carry parasites, such as fleas and ticks, which can spread diseases to humans and pets. Rodents can also cause electrical fires by chewing on wires, and their droppings can contaminate air quality. Controlling rodent activity is important to protect your health, property, and the environment. Taking preventative measures, such as sealing cracks and crevices, removing food sources, and using traps and baits, can help to reduce the risk of rodent infestations.

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Roaches Walking on the sink


Known for their ability to infest structures quickly, German Roaches should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Directly linked to health risks such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Dysentery.

Controlling cockroach activity near and around your home and business is important for a variety of reasons. Cockroaches can spread disease, contaminate food, and cause allergic reactions in humans. They can also damage furniture, clothing, and other items in your home or business. In addition, cockroaches can be difficult to get rid of once they have infested an area, so it is important to take preventative measures to keep them away. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your home or business, as well as sealing any cracks or crevices where cockroaches may enter, can help to reduce the risk of an infestation.

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Bed Bugs

These insects feed on blood and often times choose human hosts. Their bites can result in a number of health impacts including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. Bed bugs can live up to 400 days without eating. Although resilient, these bugs can be controlled with the right tools and knowledge.

Bedbugs are a serious problem that can cause a lot of discomfort and distress in your home. They can spread quickly and can be difficult to get rid of. Controlling bedbugs is essential to maintaining a healthy and comfortable home environment. Regular inspections and treatments are necessary to prevent an infestation from occurring. If bedbugs are found, it is important to take immediate action to eliminate them. This may include vacuuming, steam cleaning, and using insecticides. Taking the necessary steps to control bedbugs is essential to keeping your home free from these pests.

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Tick on Finger


Controlling these types of insects is very important for homeowners. We can help you get rid of your flea and tick problem by providing a comprehensive treatment plan. This plan may include a thorough inspection of your home and yard to identify the source of the infestation, as well as the application of specialized products to eliminate fleas and ticks. The pest control company may also provide advice on how to prevent future infestations, such as regularly vacuuming and washing bedding and furniture.

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Pigeon Bird Infestation

Bird Proofing

Pigeons and other birds are notorious for nesting under eaves, windows, and near solar panels. Aside from the mess they leave behind, potential damage can leave homeowners paying thousands of dollars to repair and clean after.

Bird-proofing your home or business can provide a number of benefits. It can help to keep birds from entering your property, which can help to reduce the amount of mess and damage they can cause. It can also help to reduce the amount of noise they can make, which can be a nuisance for you and your neighbors. Additionally, bird-proofing can help to protect your property from the potential health risks associated with bird droppings, such as histoplasmosis and salmonella. Finally, bird proofing can help to protect your property from the potential damage that birds can cause, such as pecking at siding or chewing through wires.

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Bats Infesting Wood

Bat Proofing

Bats find cracks and crevices under eaves and other structural gaps to live, giving them the perfect coverage during daylight. Knowing how to identify these areas and how to properly seal them is how we ensure a bat-free home.

Bat-proofing your home is important in protecting your property from the potential damage caused by bats. Bats can carry diseases, such as rabies, and can cause structural damage to your home if they gain access. Bat-proofing your home can help prevent bats from entering and nesting in your attic, walls, or other areas of your home. Additionally, bat-proofing can help reduce the risk of exposure to bat droppings, which can contain harmful bacteria and fungi. By taking the necessary steps to bat-proof your home, you can help protect your family and property from the potential risks associated with bats.

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